So what is the LHR Online Run Club?

In a nutshell, the Run Club is an online community of runners with group style coaching from the pros at Luke Humphrey Running. In addition, you will have access to all of the LHR training plans, access to all of the videos, live videocasts, and strength training workouts that have been assembled by the expert coaches at LHR. All of this plus the addition of group message boards and a Facebook-style social networking platform to keep you engaged with your fellow runners. But wait, there's still more! The Run Club is powered by Final Surge, the online training log used by thousands of coaches and athletes around the world to track and analyze training. From syncing your Garmin Connect account to receiving nightly emails of your upcoming workouts, we've got your training covered!

How much does it cost?

Membership to the LHR Online Run Club is $24.95/month. Or, you can pay for 6 months or a year and save on the monthly fee. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

LHR Run Club Features

So how can the LHR Online Run Club help take your running to the next level? Take a look at our feature-list below.

Access to all LHR Training Plans

  • More than 100 training plans for all ability levels and training focuses - from beginner 5k plans to high school summer and winter training plans to 100+ mile per week marathon training plans or our new Ultra-Marathon plans, we have what you need to get to the next level! In addition, each plan is customized to your goals and will give you specific paces to run for each workout.
LHR Training Plans

Group Coaching

  • As you work through your training segment, get feedback and encouragement from great LHR coaches in a group setting. Learn and encourage one another as you progress towards your goal race! We just finished up a trial run of this concept with a Boston-specific group and it was fantastic!
Group Coaching

Videos & Member Only Videocasts

  • Exclusive access to some incredibly informative videos on a range of topics related to increasing running performance. We want you to know WHY the training is set up how it is - we believe in knowledgeable and informed athletes!
Videos and Videocasts

Your Own Social Community

  • A Facebook-style social community that allows you to post pictures, videos, share articles and links about your favorite running topics. Comment on your fellow members' posts and give them a shout out to show your support!
Social Community

Strength Training Plans and Workout Videos

  • Get stronger to increase performance and prevent injuries. Take advantage of full access to supplemental strength training plans and videos created specifically for our LHR athletes!
Strength Training Plans

Group Message Boards

  • Tap into the collective brain power of the LHR community. The group message boards allow you to connect and learn from other LHR athletes who share in the journey of reaching the next level in their running.
Message Boards

Nutrition Calculators, Fueling Calculators, and Sample Meal Plans

  • In addition to our race and pacing calculators to use in conjunction with our training plans, you will also have access to our nutrition calculators, fueling calculators, and sample meal plans based on a host of diets and caloric needs.
Nutrition Calculators & Meal Plans

Dynamic Training Log & App

  • In our opinion, Final Surge is the best online training log and iOS/Android app for runners. With great features like next-day-workout-emails and automatic garmin sync, it makes following your plan and analyzing your progress smooth and informative. Always free for athletes and new features all the time!
Training Log

Whether you are just finding Luke Humphrey Running or have used a plan from us before, take that next step to reach a new level of performance and be part of an amazing community!